There have been a deluge of cloud-based accounting systems over recent years, offering online solutions for how you invoice clients, keep up with expenses, pay staff, with almost as many different ways (and amounts) to pay for their services.
So it's a fairly unique day when something comes along... More
Don't forget Drupal Open Days on the 16th and 17th of May in the Guinness Enterprise Centre, Dublin. With presentations from industry leaders as well as tutorials aimed at those new to Drupal, whatever your level or association, there's something for you.... More
The government is to offer up to €2,500 to help Irish businesses trade online.  This is an effort to stem the tide of the billions of online spent money which leaks abroad.  ... More
converting profile into page
The word is out that Facebook is 'going after' those profiles that mistakenly or otherwise do not represent actual people.
Basically where people have set up separate Facebook accounts instead of a Facebook page for their business, for example.  I have seen several of these being shut down recently... More
Support is available to help Irish SMEs make greater use of web technologies and upgrade to e-commerce enabled websites.
The eCommerce Website Development Fund (OPTIMISE) is provided by the IE Domain Registry, an independent non-profit organisation responsible for maintaining the database of .ie... More
Don't know about you, but I'm always curious as to where my sites are in Google for various search terms, particularly in the early stages of SEO and site development.
Was forwarded this handy little site by a colleague. Just pop your domain name in and the search terms you want to test and hey... More
Using GMail to manage email accounts
One challenge facing web designers is how to set up a foolproof way for clients to receive and send email from an email address at their own domain. Instead of going to the trouble of installing an email client like MS Outlook on a client's laptop, you can actually use Gmail for the same purpose.
I... More
Wordpress Business Directory
Had the requirement for a Business Directory on a Wordpress site, but plugins were leaving me wanting. The solution was effective as it was simple...
The client wanted a directory of lease-holders for a shop and business premises rental operation, so visitors could see what was available in terms... More
Joomla Upgrade
Some major developments are underway in the World of Joomla that you should be aware of if you are administering a Joomla site.
Hot on the heels of Joomla 1.6 - which took ages - is the release of Joomla 1.7 which was available in July 2011. This will be followed pretty smartly by Joomla 1.8 as... More
Online Image Editing Software
One of the things I'm always banging on about with clients is the need to re-size images before posting them to the Net. The average digital camera these days takes pictures that are just too large for publishing on the Web.
Overly large images can slow down site performance as well as look a bit... More